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Mars VS Others

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Our Vision is to help China to become a producer of superior quality industrial cameras, to change the world by technology. Attaining grand aspirations requires pragmatism in practice. We have at our disposal a multi-level field-programmable gate array(FPGA) that permits on-site independent configuration of logic blocks. Compared with generic market FPGAs, we greatly boost the performance of the logic array, while drastically lowering power consumption.


At the same time, we also has completely independent optical lens design capabilities, which is rewriting the global industry's competitive landscape. 

Our PCB designers are not only the ambassadors of spatial art , but also the ambassadors for the artisan spirit of machine vision technology. Thus our products can see more clearly, more truthfully, more broadly, more quickly and more accurately.

ISP/Resolution- see more clearly




Color reproduction- see more truthfully



                 Mars                                            Competing products

Dynamic Range- see more broadly

dynamic range of mars


dynamic range of competing products

Competing products

High Frame Rate-See more quickly

high frame rate

The maximum of Mars series industrial cameras can up to 800 fps.

Master Control Chip

1. Using FPGA V main control chip of Altera and 28nm low power (LP) technology of the TSMC's, its total power consumption is 40% lower than Cyclone IV, 55% lower than the Cyclone III (while the competing products Basler uses cyclone III chip, and PointGrey uses Spartan-6 chip which has the same quality with Cyclone IV).

2. Cyclone V uses hardware memory controller and external Samsung DDR3. Its bandwidth increases by 30% compared with the traditional soft core +DDR2. And it can achieve the required data throughput in high frame rate and high resolution .

Power Supply Mode

1. Support PoE power supply (IEEE802.3af Class 1). Wiring more conveniently.\

power supply

2. Power Range: Support 6~26V DC wide voltage input. Adapt to 12V/24V different power supply voltage of industrial environment.

power range


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