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LT2-CO Series Fiber LED Lights Source Unit

Publish Time:2016-10-10 15:29:04
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Fiber LED lights source unit for microscope.

    CO Series 

    Fiber LED lights source unit for microscope.


    • It is designed with no fan, low heat, achieving high stability. The life can reach 30,000 hours.
    • It is with original converging technology, able to replace 100 W halogen light source.

    Major Application

    • Connected to light guides and use as a light source.
    • Work with coaxial lens and all kinds of microscopes.

    Model  CO-20W
    Light guide outlet diameter 8mm
    Brightness  approximate 300,000 X *1
    Emitting Color  White(red, blue and green are optional)
    Color Temperature  6500-7500K
    Input Voltage  DC24V
    Power Consumption  10W
    Life-time  30,000Hrs X *2
    Operating environment(indoor only)  Temperature: 0 to 40℃, Humidity: 20% to 85%RH (with no condensation)
    Outside Dimension  170mm ×75mm × 100mm
    Weight  1.5kg

    *1: Test parameter:100% brightness, emitting surface 8mm,

          working distance 50mm. 

    *2: Depending on the operating environment, not a guarantee.




    01 CO Series Fiber Light Source Unit


    Optional Fiber

    • Single optical fiber
    • Double optical hard fiber