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LT2-PWDC Series Digital Control Units

Publish Time:2016-10-10 10:00:30
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Digital Controllers for LED Lights

    External trigger signal input for strobe lighting.
    High/low electrical levels can be selected flexibly
    Manual knob control, able to set light intensity in 256 levels precisely.
    It suites DIN rail mounting.

    Model No. demonstration








    Output Voltage


    Channel Numbers

    Model PWDC2460-4
    PWDC 2460-6
    PWDC 24140-2
    Lighting Method Constant Lighting/Strobe Lighting
    Drive Method Constant-voltage system
    Light Control Method PWM Control and Lighting Time Control
    Number of Channels 4 Channels 6 Channels 2 Channels
    PMW Frequency 62.5KHz,125KHz,250KHz,500KHz
    Error Detection Display Front-panel digital display
    Over Current Protection Operates at 107% of rate output current or higher, reset by reopen the power supply.
    Input Voltage(Rated) AC100V-240V
    Trigger Function Yes
    Trigger Input Voltage DC5-24V
    Output Voltage(Rated) DC24V
    Output Current(Rated) Each Channel: 2A Each Channel: 5.8A
    Output Power 60W 140W
    Light Delay 10us MAX
    Controller ID ID: set with software( 0- 99) upper limit 100 units
    Operating Environment Temperature: 0 to 40℃,Humidity: 20% to 85% RH(with no condensation)
    Storage Environment Temperature: -20 to 60℃,Humidity: 20% to 85% RH(with no condensation)
    Cooling Method Natural Air Cooling Forced Air Cooling
    Material&Surface Processing SPCC Paint Spraying Surface Treatment
    Weight 1KG 2KG
    Standard Accessory RS 232 Commucation Cable, AC power cable
    Optional Accessory Trigger input cable, RS 232 to USB series cable.

     RS-232 Arguments
     Dimming Set   Manual: panel set 256 levels / RS-232 command input
      ON/OFF   External trigger/ RS-232
      Lighting Set   Manual: panel set 11 levels / External: RS-232 communication
      Failure Detection   Send command when current overload
      Exernal Input   MIL port: 10 level / e-CON port : 3 level