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Bi-Telecentric Lens for large sensors

Publish Time:2016-10-09 14:26:26
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Designed for 1” industrial camera (diagonal=16mm)

    Bi-Telecentric Lens For Large Sensor

    Designed specifically for use with large format sensors, the Large Format Telecentric Lens is compatible with 1'' large format sensors industrial cameras. With very low levels of distortion these telecentric lenses excel at high-resolution telecentric imaging for large fields of view with high precision. The tamper proof and ruggedized housings make them ideal for any machine vision application.

    Bi Telecentric Lens For Large Sensors

    - Designed for 1'' industrial camera (diagonal=16mm).

    - Telecentric design, with better telecentricity and lower optical distortion.

    - All lenses mount are default C-Mount, can be replaced with F-Mount for special requirements.

    - The listed lens F# data is designed maximum F#, it can be decreased to increase DOF(depth of focus) if customer requires.

    - Depth of focus is calculated by permissive circle radius of confusion <20μm on the image side, we can also provide customer DOF data at specific resolution and contrast requirements.