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Measurement function CameraPRODUCT

VT-SVS300 Smart Vision System Cameras

Publish Time:2016-09-29 11:36:43
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VT-SVS300 Smart Vision System Cameras 1. Full HDMI 1080P image, 1080P bigge

    VT-SVS300 Smart Vision System Cameras

    1. Full HDMI 1080P image, 1080P biggest frames 60fps;

    1. HDMI 1080P高清输出, 1080P全像素下最大帧速率可达60帧;

    2. Light-sensitive chips adapt high sensitivity, low noise SONY sensor, the largest target surface is 1/1.2'';
    2. 出图清晰,配备索尼高端感光芯片,最大芯片尺寸可达1/1.2''.

    3. Built-in Linux 3.0 operating system: internal ARM Cortex A9 @ MAX. 930 MHZ CPU;
    3. 无需主机,内置 Linux 3.0 操作系统:internal ARM Cortex A9 @ MAX. 930 MHZ CPU;

    4. Internal memory function with time: time display pictures, video, power off again within 100 hours data is not lost;
    4. 内部存储功能:断电100小时内,可保证数据不丢失;

    5. Support wifi: users can through the wireless network remote preview video camera, read camera photos, videos;
    5. 无需布线,支持WIFI无线传输功能:用户可通过移动设备实时观看相机图像和视频;

    6. Built-in 32G storage space and external USB drive: can take JPEG images, video recording and video MP4 format and export Excel document;
    6. 内置32G存储空间和外部USB接口:可保存并读取图像、MP4格式视频和Excel文档;

    7. Provide Windows SDK development kit, secondary development, connect with measurement software by wireless;

    7. 提供Windows软件开发包,进行二次开发,无线连接测量软件;

    8. Support mobile device (android mobile, phone, tablet and computer ) remote monitoring and adjust image.

    8. 支持移动设备(安卓,平板、电脑等设备),远程监控和调节图像。

    Model Reslution
    Sensor Format size Video Output Wifi interface Save data
    1280X960@30fps CMOS 1/3" VGA n/a SD Card
    SVS-200 1920X1080@30fps CMOS 1/1.8" HDMI n/a SD Card
    1920X1080@60fps CMOS 1/1.2" HDMI
    Yes U-disk+Memory
    1920X1080@60fps CMOS 1/2"
    Yes U-disk+Memory
    1920X1080@60fps CMOS 1/3"
    Yes U-disk+Memory

    Model VT-SVS300-S VT-SVS300-M VT-SVS300-L
    Max Resolution 1920×1080
    Sensor CMOS
    Format 1/3” 1/2’’ 1/1.2’’
    Pixel Size(μm) 2.8μm×2.8μm 3.75μm×3.75μm 5.86μm×5.86μm
    Max Frame 60fps
    Data Bits 12bit
    Output Color Color
    Exposure Mode Rolling Shutter Global Shutter
    Output Interface Standard HDMI Interface
    Lens Mount C/CS mount
    Hardware Control I/O Input, I/O Output(Flash Light)
    External Voltage 12v
    Max Power 5W
    Shell Dimension 78mm×78mm×25mm
    Basic Function

    Freeze Function, Automatic White Balance, 4 groups Reticle Function, Exposure,  Saturation, Switchable HDR, Capture, Image Re-display, Video.

    Advanced Function

    Sharpen, De-noising, Gain, HDR Fine Adjustment, Defect Correcting, System Upgrading.

    Measuring Function Dot spacing, Dot line spacing, Line-spacing, Center distance, Arc, Circle, Angle, Rectangle,  Polygon measurement, Scaling function.
    Language Chinese/English