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S-mount (M12 x0.5) LensesPRODUCT

Low Cost M12 Mount CCTV Board Lens

Publish Time:2016-09-28 10:33:28
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    ContrasTech M12 micro-video S-mount lenses, designed for CCD and CMOS digital image sensors, are widely used for consumer and industrial security and scanning applications. Though compact in size, the multi-element all glass design offers optimum performance and high image quality.

    M12 Mount(S-Mount) lens

    LEM Series M12 Mount Mini Lens 

    • Resolution from MP to 10 Mega Pixel
    • 3.6mm-50mm IP Camera Lens,Mini lens 
    • IR Cut Filter is Optional
    • Fixed Iris
    • M12×0.5 Mount
    • Used in board camera and ccd board
    •  Industrial, robotics, imaging, machine vision, security and OEM applications

    Model Sensor FNo. EFL Backfocal Resolution Iris M.O.D Mount
    Size length
    LEM-4530-M12-MP3 1/2.5'' F3.0 4.5mm 5.15mm 3 Mega Pixel Fixed 0.2m M12
    LEM-05518i-M12-MP3 1/1.8'' F1.8 5.5mm 6.87mm 3 Mega Pixel Fixed 0.2m M12
    LEM-0818i-M12-MP3 1/1.8'' F1.8 8mm 9.82mm 3 Mega Pixel Fixed 0.2m M12
    LEM-1218i-M12-MP3 1/1.8'' F1.8 12mm 6.7mm 3 Mega Pixel Fixed 0.2m M12
    LEM1618i-M12-MP3 1/2'' F1.8 16mm 7.2mm 3 Mega Pixel Fixed 0.35m M12
    LEM2524i-M12-MP4 1/2'' F2.4 25mm 10.26mm 4 Mega Pixel Fixed 0.4m M12
    LEM3525i-M12-MP5 1/2'' F2.5 35mm 14.25mm 5 Mega Pixel Fixed 0.4m M12
    LEM5025i-M12-MP5 1/2'' F2.5 50mm 18.38mm 5 Mega Pixel Fixed 0.5m M12
    LEM-05425i-M12-MP10 1/2.3'' F2.5 5.4mm 6.6mm 10 Mega Pixel Fixed 0.2m M12
    LEM-07224i-M12-MP10 1/2.3'' F2.4 7.2mm 7.23mm 10 Mega Pixel Fixed 0.3m M12
    LEM03618(i)-M12-MP 1/3'' F1.8 3.6mm 6.59mm Mega Pixel Fixed 0.2m M12
    LEM0618(i)-M12-MP 1/3'' F1.8 6mm 8.75mm Mega Pixel Fixed 0.2m M12
    LEM-0818(i)-M12-MP 1/3'' F1.8 8mm 5.4mm Mega Pixel Fixed 0.2m M12
    LEM-1218(i)-M12-MP 1/3'' F1.8 12mm 6.54mm Mega Pixel Fixed 0.2m M12