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MCR Series Low Cost Microscope LED Ring Light

Publish Time:2016-09-26 18:13:03
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Low Cost Microscope LED Ring Light

    MCR Series 

    Unified LED ring lights for microscope


    • Long life LED of 20,000 hrs.and 40X lighting efficiency When compared with that of fluorescent lamp.
    • Light intensity adjustment 0~100%.
    • Color unchanged when you adjust intensity.
    • Without electricity flash.
    • Intensity over 35,000 Lux(working distance in 65mm).

    Major Application

    Work with all kinds of microscopes.

    Microscope Ring Lights

    Models LED Type  Light Color  Power  Lifetime  Lens Outside Diameter Dimension(mm) Dust-proof Glass
    MCR 63HWZ Plug-in White/Yellow  4.5W ≈20,000h    Max φ63mm O.D.φ97 I.D.φ63 H30 L120 Yes
    MCR 63HTWZ  SMD White/Yellow 4.5W ≈40,000h Max φ63mm O.D.φ97 I.D.φ63 H30 L120 Yes