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New!Mars Series Line Scan Camera!

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Product Description

Mars Series Gigabit Ethernet Industrial Line Scan Camera, with high performance sensitive sensor, transmit image data through GigE data interface. It is compatible to any application development tools which follow the GigE Vision and GenICam Standard. Maximum transmission speed of 1GB/s could satisfy the requirement of speed in most industrial applications. And it could work stably in a variety of harsh environment. It’s distinguished itself by high reliability and high cost-performance.


Simple Installation, Easy to operate, Support: 

- GigE interface, 1Gbps bandwidth, 100m maximum transmission distance.

- Compact appearance 62*62*35mm.
- On-board buffer(256MB), for data transmission and image reload in emergent mode.
- Support API trigger / External trigger / Free Run mode and other trigger mode.
- Support edge enhancement, noise reduction, auto exposure, gamma correction, LUT and other ISP functions.
- Support flat fielding, parameters saving, import and export of a multiple user groups.
- Support a variety of image data output format: Mono8, Mono10, Mono10Packed。
- Support GigE Vision and GenICam standard, can seamlessly connect with other third-party platform or SDK.
- Support DC12-24V wide voltage power supply. 
- Accord with CE, FCC, UL, RoHS certifications.

Reliability Test:

24 Hours 3G Shock Test
- 2 Weeks -40~60℃ High and Low Temperature Reciprocating Test
- 6kV Electrostatic Discharge Test of Metal Shell
- 1kV Common Mode/0.5kV POE Power Surge Test 
- Class A Standard EMC Test
- 1000mm Free Fall Test

Available Models:

Model Resolution Format Frame Rate Output Color Sensor Length Sensor
Mars2048-L51gm 2048 10μm 51kHz Mono M42 E2V
Mars2048-L49gc 2048 10μm
49kHz Color M42
Mars4096-L26gm 4096
26kHz Mono M42
Mars4096-L26gc 4096 5μm
26kHz Color M42