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New!Mars Series Line Scan Camera!

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Mars Series industrial Camera is the latest developed products by ContrasTech in 2016 with high resolution and high acquiring speed. It is the best choice for high stability and high controllability machine vision application. Mars series Line scan industrial camera with E2V industrial image sensor, Multiple resolutions from 2K to 8K Pixels can meet various visual application requirements.

Mars series industrial camera distinguishes itself by superior image quality, high frame rate and high resolution. Mars series line scan camera is especially suitable for the applications which have high speed and high image quality requirements. It provides a excellent image quality with high cost performance.

Mars series industrial camera follows Gigabit Ethernet and USB data bus standard, supports GenICam ™ and GigE Vision®, seamlessly connects HALCON, Vision Pro and other third-party software without secondary development. Mars series industrial camera has a high cost performance and is applicable to various detection, measurement, high-speed imaging and other fields of applications. It has an excellent performance in mobile phone screen detection, LED automatic encapsulation, defect detection, and electronic components manufacturing, wafer positioning applications,which has a high satisfaction among customers. At the same time,

Mars series industrial camera provides SDK for Windows and Linux, covers a variety of popular developmental languages. And we have professional engineers to provide a best service for the development. Last but not the least, Mars series industrial camera products provide a 3 years warranty.

    Model Resolution Pixel Size Frame Rate Color Lens Mount

    Mars 2048-L50gm




    Mars 4096-L28gm

24 Hours 3G Shock Test
2 Weeks -40~60℃ High and Low emperature Reciprocating Test
6kV Electrostatic Discharge Test of Metal Shell
> 1kV Common Mode/0.5kV POE Power Surge Test
> Class A Standard EMC Test
> 1000mm Free Fall Test