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VT-SVS100 Industrial Intelligent Vision Systems

Publish Time:2015-08-07 16:31:48
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The latest SVS(smart vision system) series of smart vision measurement camera, launched by Contra

    The latest SVS(smart vision system) series of smart vision measurement camera, launched by Contrastech Co., Ltd, is advanced because of its characters. A complete offline operation mode, outputting HD video image directly on screen by HDM/VGA, various resolution and clarity of choice, simple operating interface and kinds of measurement functions, all of those made this series of smart camera superior. SVS series of smart vision measurement camera, with high cost performance, is made for the application of precision measurement and stereoscopic viewing. It had won the praises of customers for its outstanding performance in mobile flat screen testing, resistance pin check, wire inspection, defect detection, IC fabrication, wafer positioning and so on. SVS series of smart vision measurement camera with advanced CCD/CMOS imaging, produces image clearly and its unique HDR alogorithm ensures the quality of image details. The professional engineers of SVS series of smart vision measurement camera provide attentive service for its operating. HDM/VGA HD output Unique design and hard covering A wealth of real-time measurement capabilities Offline image storage Wifi wireless preview(SVS 300) Multiple resolution choices Extremely high cost

    Model Reslution
    Sensor Format size Video Output Wifi interface Save data
    1280X960@30fps CMOS 1/3" VGA n/a SD Card
    SVS-200 1920X1080@30fps CMOS 1/1.8" HDMI n/a SD Card
    1920X1080@60fps CMOS 1/1.2" HDMI
    Yes U-disk+Memory
    1920X1080@60fps CMOS 1/2"
    Yes U-disk+Memory
    1920X1080@60fps CMOS 1/3"
    Yes U-disk+Memory

    • Model VT-SVS100 Industrial Intelligent Vision Systems
    • Pixel Size: 3.75μm×3.75μm
    • Sensor:CMOS
    • Output Color: Color
    • Data Bits: 12bits
    • Exposure Mode: Rolling Shutter
    • Optical Size: 1/3inch
    • SNR: 43.9dB
    • Dynamic Range: >115dB
    • Sensitivity(550nm): 5.48V/lux-sec
    • Max. Frame: 30FPS
    • Output Interface: Standard VGA Interface
    • External Voltage: 12V
    • Max. Power: 5W
    • Operating Temperature: -10°C - 50°C
    • Lens Interface: Standard C/CS-mount
    • 外形尺寸 64.5mm×50mm×105mm
    • Dimensions: 64.5mm×50mm×105mm
    • Storage Settings: SD Card, U Disk Storage (Picture Format JPEG, Video Format H.264)
    • External Devices: Mouse, Keyboard and Removable Storage Devices.
    • Basic Function: Freeze Function, Auto White Balance, Auto Exposure,
    •                             4 groups Adjustable Color, Reticle Display, Horizontal Vertical Ruler Display.
    •                             Basic adjustable parameters: Contraste, Brightness, Saturation, Hue, Definition
    •                             Adjustable Gamma, Capture and Video Review.
    • Measuring Function: Dot spacing, Dot line spacing, Line-spacing, Center distance, Arc
    •                                      Circle, Angle, Rectangle and Polygon. Scaling function. 
    •                                      Support Partial Magnifier Function, Scaling function,
    •                                     Auto vertical and Horizontal Function, Searching for the Key Point Function.