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CLW-5MP-0.2X-150 High Definition Telecentric Lens

Publish Time:2015-07-06 16:33:21
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Large Field Bi-Telecentric lens 1. The FOV (field of view) range fro

    Large Field Bi-Telecentric lens

    Large Field Bi-Telecentric lens

    1. The FOV (field of view) range from 17.5mm (Min) to 150mm (Max), to meet the different demands of FOV

    2. Max support to 2/3” camera

    3. Bi-Telecentric design, large aperture, high telecentricity, ultra-low optical distortion, superior optical performance.

    4. The listed lens aperture data is the designed maximum aperture, it can be narrowed to increase DOF (depth of focus) if customer have special requirements.

    5. Depth of focus is calculated by permissive circle radius of confusion <20μm on the image side, we can also provide customer DOF data at specific resolution and contrast requirements.

    • Optical Structure       Double Telecentric
    • Mag.             0.2 X
    • Object Field       Φ 55 mm
    • Image Field       Φ 11 mm
    • WD       150 mm
    • Telecentricity          <0.039°
    • DOF             21.0 mm
    • F No.             F8
    • Resolution          26.4 μm
    • Image MTF       >0.3@125lp/mm
    • Distortion       0.03 %
    • 2/3"FOV       44 x 33 mm
    • 1/2"FOV       32 x 24 mm     
    • 1/3"FOV       24 x 18 mm

    Large Field Bi-Telecentric lens